Michel Lunanga, Congo / @michel.lunanga

Michel Lunanga is a native of eastern Congo and is the Lens on Life Project teacher within our school at Camme DRC in Goma. He is the CEO of Life Through Arts (LTA) and is a professional photographer and filmmaker. Michel studied multimedia in Guangzhou, China where he shot professionally as well. He enjoys sharing his experience with youth from his home country.


Mohamad Khalf, Zaatari / @m.khlaf.ph

Mohamad is a refugee photographer who hails from Damascus, Syria and lives in Za'atari Camp. He worked at a film processing lab and attended polytechnic school before fleeing Syria. As a refugee, he pursued his passion as a photographer, earning multiple certifications and gaining employment as a photography teacher with our partner Questscope. He was the press and media coach at International Medical Corps Mafraq Makani center and a photography coach at the International Relief and Development Organization. His hope is to humanize refugees by changing the negative associations / misconceptions of them through his work.


Helal Klaif, Zaatari /

Helal Klaif began his career as a photographer like Mohamad while living in Syria. He worked as a photographer in the Elsheikh Center studio in Irbid and then the Kafi Center in Zarqa. In Za’atari camp, he worked as a film maker within the Road Safety Project run by ACTED for 3 years before joining Questscope as a teacher. Helal has an affinity for portrait photography.